About Me

About Me

Youth & Music Television Revisted.

Be Viacom Ident from This is Real Art on Vimeo.

Another 3 years later, the founders collectively left Hobnox with mixed feelings, much more experience and good faith in the future of technology. I got an offer from MTV Networks end of 2008, which I accepted. Soon I got promoted to build the new interactive department across central and northern Europe to manage strategy, technology, innovation, social media, interactive TV and digital business partnerships for all channel brands, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, VIVA and of course MTV.

Starting Over: Wired Semantics

Transmedia Storytelling from patrick greimel on Vimeo.

End of 2012 I decided to take some time off, after 17 years of consistent full-time operation. I realized, its time for me change the way I work. Given the breadth of hands-on experiences, my personal track record and the great network I was able to build internationally, it became clear that I could reposition to focus on what I love doing most: Consult, coach, innovate & develop strategies. I like speaker jobs, because they enable me to share all the great things I discovered, plus I can meet interesting new people.

Stay Tuned For What Is Coming Up Next.

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    Things I Love Doing.

  • Listening to music while running 78%

  • Reflecting on life while writing songs about it 81%

  • Enjoying contemporary art at exceptional places 64%

  • Consistently trying to overcome my yoga beginner status 42%

  • Exploring the martial arts universe (and practising some) 34%

  • Playing, watching and talking about Football (Soccer!) 86%

  • Strolling through forests with my son pretending we`re pirates while carving wooden sticks 96%

  • Dancing to any good music from 20ies swing, 60ies beat over to punkrock, hiphop or electronics. 38%

  • Relaxing by sleeping, meditating or taking a hot finish sauna. 81%

  • Enjoying thrilling narratives performend in a good movie, book, play or real life 69%

  • Read out or dream up new stories with happy endings 87%